Vision: LEPL Community College ,,Akhali Talga” vision is to be one of the most powerful vocational educational institution in Georgia.Students who complete programs at thecollege will be top choices for micro, small and medium businesses. The college goal  is to promote students to integrate and get a place in the world community successfully.

                          College strategic slogan is: ,,Your success is our mission!”

Mission: LEPL Community College mission is to ensure society development through the development of vocational education.We will do this through the implementation of vocational educational programs and  training specialists in the field, who will be able to adapt to the ever-changing, development-oriented labor market demands and develop their own sphere. Such human resource will promote building of a democratic society, economic development of the country and successful international integration. In addition, theinstitution stipulates the challenges in the vocational education field and takes into consideration the interest of vocational students, labor market, employee and society. It strives to produce quality management systems in vocational educational programs.

Values:  Team aspiration, purposefulness, innovation.

Team aspiration – reaching specific results, as a united and uncompromising team.

Purposefulness – being proactive, result-oriented and continuously exceed aims.

Innovation –thinking extraordinarily, introducing new ideas and trying to change existing ideas